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Harold resolved that in future he would not cross the shooting line before the whistle goes. 

Rules of Shooting

All our archers are governed by Archery GB (AGB) Rules of Shooting. On the back of your AGB membership card it states:

By being a member, you agree to abide by all the conditions of the Memorandums, Articles and Laws of the Society [AGB} the Rules of Shooting and the Codes of Conduct.


These rules are in place for the safety of us all and AC Delco Archers must make sure they are familiar with them.

For ease of reference, AC Delco has produced a summary of the main points which apply to everyday shooting at the Club. There is a notice of this summary pinned to the Club hut and one of the storage containers. Archers must make themselves familiar with these notices. A copy of the notice is set out below

Safety Notice

  • There must be a field captain for every shooting detail comprising two or more archers.

  • Archers must respect and follow the commands of the field captain.

  • There can be no more that two shooting details on the field at any one time. If there is a beginners or "have a go"session this counts as one of the details.

  • There must be a minimum of 25 metres between shooting details.

  • The field captain may control shooting through verbal commands "shoot" and "collect" or by whistle - one blast for shoot and three blasts for collect. There are whistles in the Club hut.

  • Archers must be behind the waiting line with all of their equipment until called forward to shoot by the field captain.

  • Disabled archers who shoot from a wheelchair or a stool may remain on the shooting line with their equipment provided the field captain agrees it is safe for them to do so.

  • ANY archer who identifies an issue during shooting which makes it unsafe to continue shooting (for example, if someone is in front of the shooting line during shooting) MUST shout the command "FAST" loud and clear. All archers will then stop shooting, put all their remaining arrows in their quiver and take one step back from the shooting line. This applies to all details shooting on the field at the time. No detail may begin shooting again until the line captain gives the command "shoot" or gives three blasts of their whistle.

  • Archers must take particular care when pulling arrows out of the target boss. the boss should not be approached "head on" and when all the arrows have been scored, all archers not pulling arrows should step aside so that they are not standing directly behind those doing the pulling. Those pulling arrows should check that there is no-one standing directly behind them.

  • Any dogs brought on the field must be kept under control and on a short lead.

All of these matters are covered in our beginners course, but any of the coaches are available to offer clarification on any safety issue if required.

Archers are encouraged to report any breaches of shooting discipline to a member of the AC Delco Bowmen Committee or one of the Club coaches.

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