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On successful completion of the beginners course new archers will be invited to join the Club.

New members are advised only to shoot when a coach is present until they are confident.

Club equipment is available for use on Saturdays until new archers are ready to purchase their own.

The Club can help archers choose their first bow and sometimes can source good quality second hand kit.

Experienced Archers:

Archers who can already shoot safely may join the Club at any time.

One of our licensed coaches will carry out a formal assessment of the archer's ability.

This assessment lasts about 30 to 40 minutes and there is no charge.

The archer may then join the Club as a full member or as an associate member.

Associate membership is for archers who want a second club but wish to retain full membership of their current club.

Applications and Fees:

Beginners will be given details and an application form on successful completion of the beginners course.

Experienced archers are invited to contact our Membership Secretary:


Subscription fees run from September to August and vary according to joining time and type of membership. A full senior membership for the year is £80 (plus Archery GB, HAA and SCAS  fees if not already subscribed) For full details of other membership types and breakdowns, please contact the Membership Secretary as above.

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