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Club clothing:

The Club has its own unique branded clothing. This is so that we can promote the Club at community events and it also promotes a sense of belonging within the Club. Club clothing is available to buy but we usually wait until we have a minimum level of orders before making any purchases as this keeps cost down; however, it does mean that club members may sometimes have to wait a while for their orders to be delivered. 

Club clothing is optional. There is no expectation that archers wear it.

The standard club colours are blue and white. The range includes shooting shirts, hoodies and gilets. With the added variation for our Silver Archers.


Personalisation option for each item.

For those who like something a little more colourful we have the lightening bolt range, also available across shooting shirts, hoodies & gilets.


These items can be personalised front & back.

For pricing & size guides for club clothing, Please email 

Please download the below clothing form and fill in your request and email to

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