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Welcome to AC Delco Bowmen Archery Club

New Members, We’re glad you’ve joined us – here’s what you need to know…

General Information

The day to day running of our club is administered a committee made up of club members voted in at the AGM. The governing body for archery in the UK is Archery GB and the club operates under the Rules of Shooting which can be found in full on their website, along with lots of useful information about competition and all things archery related.


The vast majority of our club information, including our constitution, tournament details, news and the list/photos of our coaching team can be found here on our club website.

Alco here are our Social Media accounts specific to us…

Public Facebook page:

Private Facebook Group (will require an access request):

  • Facebook
Image of some club members
  • Facebook

Every effort will be made to check that identifiable archers are happy to be included in photographs on our website/public page. Please do make sure that a committee member is made aware if you would prefer your image not to be included.

If you’re a user of Facebook please feel free to add your own pictures, comment on posts and of course ask questions. We do ask that all comments are respectful and that no bad language or inappropriate media is published. Failure to comply will result on you being removed from the group.

Next Steps:

As a new member you are under no pressure to purchase your own equipment straight away, although you will have more restricted access as a coach needs to be available to open the container.


Where possible you may use the beginner's equipment, this will be dependent on if we are running a beginners’ course. 


This will be the recurve bow (ideally the one you used on your course) which is arguably the most commonly used bow.


Access to the equipment is typically Saturdays and Tuesday evenings (during the summer).


Whilst you have been taught to shoot recurve there are other styles which you are permitted to shoot. These include:


Used during the beginners’ course, these bows have limbs that curve away from the archer. It has widespread use across the world and in target archery. 


The limbs and size of the riser affect the overall length and draw weight of the bow. As you have more experience with your bow and setup, you are likely to change the limbs for higher draw weight, enabling you to shoot with more power and distance. 


As a beginner, you are likely to be using limbs of less than 30 lbs draw weight.


Simply the use of the above recurve bow, without the use of modern sights and stabilisation.

Image of Recurve Bow
Image of recurve Bow
Image of Compound Bow


Using a series of cables and pulleys, known as “cams”, the bow uses a levering system, which once drawn past a certain point, require almost no strength to shoot.


The limbs are much shorter and stiffer compared to recurve.


The traditional bow is made simply from a wooden pole and string. Due to the simplicity and lack of technological advancement, it is the most difficult to master and shoot accurately.

Image of Longbow


As you progress, you may like to set your own challenges of distance, enter some fun shoots at the club and consider…

Archery as a sport has a number of classifications and awards for all abilities. Enabling you to set goals by practicing,  attending courses, competitions and events. 


Please speak to a Coach if you would like to discuss how to be awarded any particular badge or goals you have set. They will help you guide through all the different options available to you, based on your preferred bow type

Shooting Locations and Times:

The field at Highbridge Farm is available for members' use at any time, light permitting once a “probationary” period has been completed.


This period is to help ensure that new members are safe to shoot, manage equipment, and are aware of club rules. A member of the committee or a coach needs to be on site whilst you shoot for the first 10 visits and to sign off your booklet. 


There are photos of the committee/coaches in the tea shed. Once the coaches are happy that you are safe and confident – you’ll get your  membership tag and the code to the gate, so you can shoot when you like within daylight hours (Archery GB rules apply).


The best time for new archers to come and shoot generally, is a Saturday afternoon, when it’s a little quieter and there are coaches available to help you improve.  If it’s not going to be a weekly thing for you – do ring/email and “book” so we can be sure there are coaches there for you. Other days/times are available by appointment during this period.


You can use the equipment you used in the intro course for a few months (aside from when Intro courses are running, where they may be in use) whilst on the field, until you are ready to buy your own. Obviously if you need to use our equipment, you do need to confirm that someone with access to the equipment container is there. Once you’re ready to explore second hand or new equipment - the coaches can help you with this too!


Once the coaches are happy that you are safe and confident – you’ll get your initial membership tag swapped for a named membership tag and the code to the gate, so you can shoot when you like within daylight hours (Archery GB rules apply)

Outdoor Location:

The main club days are Saturdays and Tuesday evenings.


On a Saturday, we have a coffee break at 11.30 for some social time - coffee/tea/squash and cakes/biscuits are available and there’s a donations box provided.


We have a rota for sorting refreshments - do add your name (the list is on the board in our “tea tent” ) when you can. This involves bringing milk and biscuits /cakes on your day, setting out in the “tea-tent” and ringing the bell at 11.30. Keep your receipts and attach to the form (#1 below,) for our treasurer to be refunded. Afterwards, do a quick wipe down – wipes, bin bags etc are all provided.


We ask that everyone puts their used crockery in the plastic box and Alex will collect and run through the dishwasher.

Location can be found here: Outdoor Range

Indoor Shooting:

From October - March we also shoot indoors on a Tuesday evening between 6.30-9.30p.m. 


Thornden School Sports Hall,

Winchester Road,

Chandler’s Ford

SO53 2DW.


Currently the additional hire fees for the indoor shoot are included in our membership fees.

Club Committee:

The Club has a committee of volunteer members who organise activities within the club and help to ensure it is run in a professional manner.  Executive Committee Members are elected at the AGM and serve for a maximum of 3 years, other Committee Members are co-opted for 1 year:

Details of the committee and duties of the positions can be found here:  Club Committee Page

Coaching Team:

We have an awesome team of coaches, all DBS checked and certified by Archery GB. They’ll be delighted to help when they can.


Our coaches’ support is included in your membership and can take you from beginner to competition standard. You’ll spot them on the field in their red jackets and anyone can approach them and ask for assistance.


If they are not in their red jacket – then they are likely shooting themselves of you can see pictures of the coaching team (so you know who to look out for) here.


Club Shooting Rules/Etiquette:

The club operates under a number of rules and etiquette, please take time to familiarise yourself with these 

Field Housekeeping and maintenance:

The club also has a number of general housekeeping and maintenance rules to help keep the range in good order.

Club Clothing:

In practice you can wear what you like to shoot but avoid anything that dangles and could catch in the bow while shooting and always wear enclosed footwear.


In competitions it's not permitted to wear denim, camouflage  or clothing with large non-archery related logos.


The club has a range of clothing with the club badge and the option to be personalised to help you stand out on the shooting line.


Items include sublimated polo tops, hoodies, gilet body warmers, head wear and wet weather tops. 

Full details of the items can be found here: Club Clothing Page

Terminology and Common Phrases:

Below is a list of useful terminology to familiarise yourself with before heading to the range:

Field Captain:         Person with responsibility for the shoot.

Target Captain:       Archer who records scores.

Shooting Line:         Line where archer stands to shoot at target.

Waiting Line:           5 metres behind Shooting Line.

Come Down:           Slowly relax the bow string tension without shooting the arrow until the bow is at rest.

Fast:                        Immediately STOP and ‘come down’. Remove arrow from string and put in quiver.                                        Wait for next instruction. This happens when there is an immediate safety issue.

Whistle Blasts:         1 blast: start shooting

                                 3 blasts: collect arrows

                                 5 blasts: FAST (stop shooting)

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