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2023 Tournaments:

AC Delco Bowmen: Chris Sherwood Memorial Shoot:
The prospectus for this shoot and the entry form are attached. The competition will be held on our field on Sunday 27 August 2023 and the cost is £10 for seniors and £7 for juniors.

An Open shoot is one where archers from other clubs can take part. This particular shoot is based on "Western" rounds. A full Western is 4 dozen arrows shot at 60yds in the morning with a break for lunch and then 4 dozen arrows at 50yds in the afternoon. However, shorter distances are available the shortest being 4 dozen at 30yds and 4 dozen at 20 yds. This means that the competition is suitable to all standards of archery.

This shoot is in memory of one of our young archers, Chris Sherwood, who died a few years ago. There is a bench in Chris' memory in front of the club hut.

Andover Archery Club

WAA Archery Weekend. Saturday and Sunday 5-6 August. Prospectus and entry form below.

Bournemouth Archery Club Blue Lion

Sunday 13 August 2023:

St George, Albion and Windsor rounds. Further details and entry form below.

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