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Southampton Archery Club FITA weekend

22 Jul 2023

Waterproofs at the ready

The 22/23rd of July saw SAC host their world archery weekend. Unlike the previous year where we'd had sweltering heat, this year we were hit with atrocious conditions with heavy winds and rain that made shooting conditions tricky. The whole team stayed till the bitter end with about an inch of water in all our shoes by the time we left. Definitely a lesson in the importance of waterproofing! The Sunday was slightly better in that we weren't graced with the rain but the strong winds remained and scores were low for the whole weekend. The team did really well as always, monopolising the podium with almost everyone winning a medal. Results below.

Gents Compound -

1st - Stuart

4th - Steve

5th - James

7th - Rob

Gents Barebow

1st - Craig

Ladies Recurve

3rd - Becca

4th - Juliet

Ladies Compound

1st - Vicky

2nd - Leila

3rd - Rachael

4th - Emma

Well done to stuart, vicky and steve for team Gold & James, rob and Leila for Team silver in the Compound.

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