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National Tour - Stage 4

8 Jul 2023

Surrey Archery Weekend

This weekend was stage 4 of the National Tour as part of the Surrey Archery Weekend. The weather was a real mixture - hot, humid, torrential rain, thunder and lightning in the distance but hardly any wind until the final stages on Sunday. Vicky finished 11th in qualifying on Saturday and only 9th after losing in the H2H to Sara Prieels. Sunday Vicky finished 7th and made it as far as the last 8.

Rach qualified in 20th on both days. Rob finished 31st on Saturday & just outside the top 20 in 24th place on sunday for qualifying. Becca finished 30th on saturday & 35th on sunday in qualifying.

Good luck to the couple of archers from the team who are also going on to shoot at Evesham next weekend. We wish you luck.

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