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Winter postal league

31 Oct 2023

It may be cold out but we still have the hottest archers on the block! More bling for the team

Last season the AC Delco archers took part in the winter postal league. Delco won many of the categories with a few archers winning league medallions for coming first. The final results and medals finally came in a year later. Results below. Winners of the league medallions Rob Bittles - top boy for compound Portsmouth and frostbite.

Vicky Loader - top lady for compound frostbite.

Stuart Reilly - top gent for compound frostbite.

Becca Edwards - top girl for recurve frostbite.

Pin badges were also awarded to the people that have contributed with scores the most. These include Steve Gould, Vicky Loader, James Murfitt, Stuart Reilly, Rachael Graham, Rob Bittles, Carolyn Humphrey, Becca Edwards, Craig May, Gary Carr, Ben Watson, Luke Singleton.

Well done to everyone.

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