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SAC Agincourt Anniversary Shoot

22 Oct 2023

It's a full house of medals for our competition team.

Well done to all our Juniors & Julian who shot at the SAC Agincourt shoot on sunday. Our lovely Juniors are following in our seniors footsteps with an impressive medal haul from their competition outing! A mix of rounds were shot between them, with some shooting their required distance and others just enjoying the competition experience. Well done to everyone who took part and made the club really proud as ever. The future looks exciting with these winners!! A huge thanks to Nick Coe who was also at the shoot to support the team, and has invested lots of his time into coaching and training our new rising stars! The hard work is definately paying off. Final results below. Category full distance entries: Arthur - Gold in the Windsor - U16 Male Recurve

Stan - Gold in the Windsor 40 - U15 Male Barebow

Rumaysa - Silver in the Windsor 40 - U14 Female Recurve

Shorter distance entries:

Catrin - Gold for the Windsor 40 - Senior Female Recurve

Kristin - Gold for the Windsor 40 - U16 Female Recurve

Julian - Silver for the Windsor - Senior Male Recurve

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