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JVD kings of Archery

17 Nov 2023

Our archers are going international again

For the first time ever 2 of our archers decided to take part in the Kings of Archery competition hosted by JVD Archery in Eindhoven. With over 900 archers taking part, with many of the best in the world shooting in each discipline, this was the biggest event our archers have ever been to.

After a few travel issues and misplaced kit thanks to the airline! Rob and Vicky finally made it to their destination ready for the illustrious competition.

Rob shot really well on the first day, but Vicky dropped a few points making her very determined to succeed on day 2. The highlight of their day was meeting some of the really top archers at the trade stands including Steve Anderson Archery, Paige Pearce, Tanya Gellenthien and Steve Wiljer!

On Sunday they had one more round to shoot. Rob was the star this time as he only dropped 1 point and Vicky also did really well - only dropping 4 points!

The experience was incredible for both archers and they really enjoyed their visit. Both are eager to return next year. Below are a few pictures from the event

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