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AC Delco goes International

Rachael G

6 Apr 2023

Vicky Loader takes AC Delco to the European Grand Prix

There's many highlights on the competition calendar but the European Grand Prix held at Lilleshall this year has to be one of the most exciting. Vicky decided to take on the challenge and show the rest of Europe what she could do. A total of 308 archers took part in the event with Vicky having to go head to head with 43 lady compound archers, all who had been selected to shoot for their international teams. With blue skies and the sun shining Vicky shot impressively in her ranking round finishing with a score of 677 putting her in 13th place - equal score with 12th, but behind by a gold! The Head to Head matches were shot in tricky conditions with stronger winds where Olha Khomutovska took the advantage, knocking Vicky out in the first round. It was a very close finish match with a score of 139 to 136. Vicky finished 17th overall and we're very proud of her success!

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